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Allergies: How about trying Bioresonance and
Electroacupuncture acc. Dr. Voll (EAV)?

In his book Biophysical Therapy of Allergies (ISBN-13: 978-3131375117), Dr.  Peter Schumacher shows us very impressively how to handle various aspects of  allergies. Alongside the traditional approaches, he also uses bioresonance and  Electroacupuncture according to Dr. Voll (EAV).

Reading through this great book, everything may well seem easy at first glance.  But many pitfalls make  it difficult to apply these methods effectively. Twenty  years of experience with these methods have shown that leaving out just one  single important step in the protocol can make the whole procedure questionable.

In addition, a “traditional” application of Electroacupuncture acc. Dr.  Voll, or  EAV for short, can be very time-consuming. And, nowadays,  clients are  increasingly unwilling to invest so much of their time and,  of course, their  hard-earned money.

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This introduces the present book. It is specially designed to help the professional find the most effective way to start working with Bioresonance and Electroacupuncture acc. Dr. Voll (EAV.)

Introduction to Electroacupuncture According to
Dr. Voll (EAV) and Bioresonance

Just 22 lessons explain the complete protocol in detail. Click on the image to see the Table of Contents.

For ease of understanding, the lessons follow the typical sequence of steps you would work through during a session. Therefore, whenever appropriate, the book switches from EAV to bioresonance applications such as the basic application and the in-phase and inverse transmission of test substances.

It starts off with the basics of Electroacupuncture (EAV) and discusses the proven strategy for fast and reliable measurements at the acupuncture nodes. Then it divides the results of measurement into categories specially designed to help you perform a resonance test as quickly as possible.

The resonance test is the most powerful feature of EAV. It is based  on  the phenomenon that an irritation at the acupuncture node (such as  a  high or low reading on the instrument) will return to “normal”

almost instantly when you place the appropriate test sample in the test tray.  The “normal” value in EAV is a reading of 50 on the instrument.

Several previously unavailable tools and strategies will help you to  work quickly through the 500 or more samples in your test kits. You will  be able to find the one and only correct test sample in just one or two  minutes.

Finally, once you are familiar with all the necessary aids, the book gives you a  detailed explanation of how to handle the energetic influences of allergies. It  presents the so-called provocation test designed to uncover energetic  sensitivities or predispositions when an allergy is not acute. And when an  allergy is acute, it shows you how to perform the energetic balancing test.

Since 1994, thousands of users have followed the guidelines explained in this  book to the benefit of tens of thousands of clients. Up to now, it has only been  available in German. Jonathan Harrow has translated the book into English so  that the methods and tools are now available to professionals throughout the  world.

The book is actually a two book set:

  • the text book and
  • the book of illustrations.

You can use both books to gain a better understanding by reading the explanation and following the procedure in the illustration.
This book is available only as a download in PDF format.

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